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HOST BATCHES FOR THE 99th Grand Alumni Homecoming

Batch 64, Golden Jubilarians

Batch 89, Silver Jubilarians

Dear Alumni,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

I am happy you've taken this opportunity to visit SMC Online. This site serves as a presence for alumni to communicate with the Alma Mater and with each other. We want the site to be an effective part of your lifelong Michaelite connection.

Getting in touched through unforgettable experiences at St. Michael's College is a simple but powerful bond, and provides the opportunity to reflect and reminisce splendid moments. You all have special memories that touched your lives. There is no better way to keep those memories and that meaning alive than actively being a part of the St. Michael's Alumni Association. I encourage you to connect with each other, give back to the school your commitment and take pride of getting involved in the programs in continuing our service. You can stay involved even without leaving your home through

As you explore the site, you will discover and learn about the new updates of alumni activities and programs. The most recent is the launching of ISKOLAR ni Miguel Scholarship, Search for Ultimate Alumni and the COFFEE TABLE. The association offers to connect satisfy your quest for lifelong learning and show your Michaelite pride. The association provides with programming and events that advance our core mission - FAITH , EXCELLENCE and SERVICE. The best is done to serve all alumni by connecting them to the college and each other, today and throughout their lives. With something to offer to all alumni, the association and its Web site are valuable resources.

This is your alumni association. Please join your fellow alumni in exploring and participating in its dynamic programs and services today, and begin to add great new Michaelite memories to those you already have. Wherever you might be, remember, you always have a home at St. Michael's College.

Through Jesus with Mary,

Mrs. Nieves A. Cutab
SMC Alumni Affairs Director

Continuously Linking Michaelites in Faith, Service and Excellence

The Mission : The mission of the Alumni Affairs Office is to provide services that develop, sustain, and foster dynamic relationship to strengthen the ties between the alumni and the institution.

The Alumni Affairs Office

With the responsibility to provide on-going services for St. Michael's College alumni and former students, the Alumni Affairs Office intends to encourage their involvement in the institution's activities and to strengthen and perpetuate their ties with the academic community

The Alumni Affairs Office strives to increase alumni participation in instruction, research, and community extension.

St. Michael's College Alumni Association (SMCAA) and Other Batch Associations

With its coordinating function and as the primary contact point of the alumni to the institution, the Alumni Affairs Office maintains harmonious relationships with the alumni through the St. Michael's College Alumni Association (SMCAA) and the alumni batches and/or their respective batch associations.

The SMCAA is an independent organization with its objectives not to defeat the mission of the school. Its leadership role as an association is to encourage and promote the following:

a. Enhancement of the institution's reputation.

b. Sustaining loyalty and enthusiasm among alumni.

c. Keeping the school's Alumni Affairs Office informed of up-to-date contact details of all alumni.

d. Forwarding information concerning prominent alumni to the Alumni Affairs Office.

e. Providing opportunities for professional development, intellectual stimulation, community service, and social events.

Federation of Alumni Associations of RVM Schools, Inc. (FAARSI)

Established in 2002, the Federation of Alumni Associations of RVM Schools, Inc. (FAARSI) intends to function as a federation committed and responsive to all of the alumni associations of the Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM) schools in the Philippines and abroad. Specifically, its objectives are the following:

a. Enhance and deepen the spirituality of Mother Ignacia among alumni associations of RVM schools.

b. Foster closer friendship and fellowship among alumni of RVM schools.

c. Consolidate efforts with the RVM sisters in achieving the vision of the congregation and increase involvement in the RVM missions.

Message of SMC Alumni Association Director


The St. Michael's College Alumni Scholarship (SMCAS) grant is a program funded by the SMC Alumni Association to assist through school financially handicapped but deserving students applying or enrolled at St. Michael's College and as per recommended by the Mother Ignacia Community Service Responsibility in charge(MICSR).